ShivDurga Temple Annoucment

Jai Mata Di!
We are pleased and excited to announce a new and fast developing plan to re-open our Shiv 
Durga Temple of Bay Area soon and to continue in the San Francisco Bay Area. A number of 
people have stepped forward into leadership roles and to serve on newly convened Boards of 
Directors with the help of qualified professionals to see this process through. The resources and assets of the Temple remain devoted to Temple programs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As you know, our current lease expired.  The landlord decided to lease our current site to another tenant. Consequently, our Temple’s new board leadership has worked hard these past weeks to move our Temple, and to reopen it nearby in the coming weeks. The move, while still a work in progress, will provide an interim home and allow the implementation of a long-term strategic plan to secure the future of our Temple here in the San Francisco Bay Area with continuing services and spiritual guidance for you, for your families, and for future generations of Temple devotees according to the core vision and teachings of our Temple’s founder and spiritual leader Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey.

All the resources and assets of the Temple, which has been built by Acharya Ji with his sincere 
hard work, sacrifice, and devotion and support of his followers, will remain here in the San 
Francisco Bay Area. Importantly, we have listened to and heard your many concerns.  Please know that the Temple’s founder Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey has stepped back from his daily administrative duties at the Temple and is taking a much needed and long overdue vacation\rest, refocusing on himself and his family. Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey continues as our strategic and spiritual advisor of our Temple. We are so thankful for Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey’s selfless devotion and generous service founding and nurturing our Temple and our community of devotees over many years.  After a respite, we look forward to Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey’s continuing guidance and spiritual leadership that we know will carry all of us forward. Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey remains deeply devoted with a full heart to our Temple and to you the devotees of the Temple.  Acharya Ji Pandit Krishna Kumar Pandey looks forward with a strong spirit and heartfelt affection toward the rich future of our enduring community, and our Temple’s life together.

Yes, many hands make light work, and much good work needs doing. The time for good help is 
now.  We encourage you to volunteer and to donate.  Soon you will receive details about 
volunteering and donating.  

Thank you for your continued support, patience, and consideration during this important time of 
renewal as we emerge together and stronger, from the many challenges of a Global Pandemic.  
Join us in looking forward and working together to improve our Shiv Durga Temple and our 
community. Please stay tuned for the updates via email and at our Temple website:  

Jai Mata Di! 
Board of Directors, Shiv Durga Temple of Bay Area 
Board of Directors, Shiv Durga Mandir & Meditation Center